by KaLi





released March 30, 2014



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KaLi Regensburg, Germany

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Track Name: Kali - Limbus
Where am I, Where do I go
What is wrong here? I dont know

Someone help me
to open my eyes
I am blinded from the inside
I tried so hard to finally see
the whole desert infront of me

I wander through the desert
I cant hardly breathe
dry mouth freshwater
fear inside of me
sands of steel melts my feet away
the hills of bane rise, rise infront of me

skeletons of animals
carrion lies around
carcass, ancient goddess,
they bind me straight
with their dead eyes
heavy I walk along
with the odd feeling which compelse me

Give me the strength and advance
to let me grow my wings
Give me the hate and enhance
to unfold my wings

Eyes are fixed, down on myself
chaining my soul, on the promises
give me the possibility, strength through my devinity
let me see my broken past, everything seems stain and vast
so heal my broken soul
grab me, throw me like an oul
into my paradise, in the void, I will rise
morning light in my eyes fragile
dust in wind, though I try
So the past is open for me

Where am I, where do I go
What is wrong here, now I know
I chosed the truth I died to heal
the pure freedom is what I feel

I gained the strength and advance
to let me grow my wings
I gained the freedom apart
to see my broken past
Track Name: Unspoiled Earth
Golden light through the crowns of the trees
a river is floating in a perfect harmony
Cold mountains of ice rising on the horizon
clouds embrace the world like a soft cloak

What majesty, what love in every detail
icern tongues built by nature´s might
growing freedom out of the ground
Makes my soul be one and bound .

Life is floating through the veins of nature
A sparkling flower is gazing to the moon
Quietly I walk through the meadows of gold
(I´ll be one with you my mother soon)

Green hills the path to tranquility
(Cold mountains...)
Unspoiled earth a planet for kings
green forests the secrets of hope

Track Name: Mankind
What planet is this?
What is living here?
What primitive ways
of leading nature to tears

A first born king out of control
A destructive crowd taking its toll
The first man innocent himself
is soon gonna be the devil himself

mother nature feel the fire

Something is gathering
in the dark green forest
something is lurking
in the shadows at night
So would you think that this is all odd?
i wander in silence
So would you think that this is your god?
he'll eat your soul now
he'll eat your soul now
he'll eat your soul now

Why, dont take my wife
shes done nothing wrong to you
she aint no witch or, is using magic
shes just a woman that I love
please im begging you

will you miss me world?
she is swirling high
this soul needs to fly
spread your wings and try
this soul's heading home
where you're not alone

Natures call from the darkest hour
a try to be the best there is
somethings better than the end we chosed
the master called and so we anser

see it all run dry
leave it all behind
dont let me be deep
forge the steel, slow bleed

my time has come, oh I'm already dead
The path I chosed is now torn apart
I tried to heal the wound in my heart
In my blackest night, im running wild (5x)

the end has come
lets see how it will end
revolution is at hand
the citizens didnt want to be
a part of this society
so they walked
so they walked, their way
their way back home
revolution is at hand
lets see how it will end